Kelly Crosser Alge art glass

Kelly Crosser Alge Presentation

Monday, November 6, 2017
7:30 PM
Stonegate Clubhouse
11551 E. Mountain View
Scottsdale, AZ

On Monday evening, November 6, Arizona Glass Alliance will host a presentation by a very interesting artist, Kelly Crosser Alge, who uses the “sgraffito” technique to create paintings on glass, made from glass. Kelly describes the sgraffito technique this way: “I create imagery with finely powdered black glass on a sheet glass substrate. Sgraffito is a subtractive technique; light areas are created by scraping away the powdered glass, while dark areas are made by adding piles of powder. I manipulate the powdered glass with torn card stock, my fingers, sharpened erasers, and various other “tools””.

Kelly goes on to describe her education in glass: “Most of what I know about glass is the result of “learning the hard way.” My education is a compilation of endless questions and experiments, piles upon piles of mistakes, some lucky A-Ha moments, and a lot of reading.” The finished results are beautiful paintings in glass such as the one shown below. For more information about Kelly, and more images of her work, take a look at her website,

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