Peter Bremers, Featured Artist

Peter Bremers

Bremers' most recent body of work is called "The Inward Journey." Here the artist shares a glance on his inner process and life philosophy, meanwhile presenting us a mirror, sometimes thought provoking or meditative but always reflecting a need for understanding and appreciating the individual as well as the universal.

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Bandhu Scott Dunham

Bandhu Scott Dunham

“I express my experience of the natural world through odd juxtapositions and bending forms to follow my own quirky sensibility. Glass is the perfect medium for this work: its fluidity, malleability and paradoxical nature bring out the mysterious parts of myself that I seek to explore and express through art.”

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Jason Chakravarty & Jennifer Caldwell

Jason Chakravarty and Jennifer Caldwell

Since 2012, Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty have maintained a critical, conceptual, and technical dialogue about their individual work, which easily evolved to collaborative pieces. Over the past couple years they have mounted multiple two person exhibitions which included work that challenges the experimental process specific to each of them.

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Welcome to The Arizona Glass Alliance. We welcome new members to our group, from artists and collectors to those who simply love the art of studio glass.

Use the “Read More” links below to view more information. Select “News” from the top menu to view a schedule of events for the season, and to scroll through past events, photos, and detailed information about any happenings for our group.

Feb. 23, 2020: Artist Show & Potluck Dinner

On Sunday the 23rd, we will be hosting our annual show and dinner. This is a great time to socialize with your fellow members, get to know our artist members and their work, and enjoy a terrific spread of delectable appetizers and deserts furnished by you, our members (the Alliance will provide drinks, paper goods, silverware, etc.). It’s really a fun afternoon and you’ll have a great time, guaranteed! Please sign up and RSVP if you plan to attend. View More Information »

March 9, 2020: Paul Messink Presentation

Paul creates beautiful multi-layer glass panel work which results in a wonderful finished image when it’s all put together. Paul describes his work this way: “I’m often drawn to the ethereal, to the “unknown” hidden in the mist. Mystery and a slight melancholy run through many of my pieces, which I create by fusing anywhere from 9 to 32 layers . . .  Read More »

Photos from 2019 Presentations & Events

We have recently uploaded photographs from the Fall Events at Arizona Glass Alliance. Visit the “Photographs” category under the “News” tab to view them. View Photos »

Spring Trip Scheduled

Our 2020 Trip will be March 25-28, to St. Petersburg and Sarasota, Florida. Join us for lots of fun with great artists, museums and private collections. View Details »

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