About Us

The Arizona Glass Alliance promotes the knowledge, appreciation, and support of studio art made from glass. Our mission is to create opportunities to educate our members and the public about studio art glass and artists. We attempt to explore, define and undertake outreach to other educational and cultural institutions in support of our vision. Within defined parameters, we provide financial assistance to institutions and organizations in support of our vision.

Board Members

Fred Schomer, President and Treasurer
Denny Burech, Secretary
Dan Tenn, Vice-president
Jerry Epstein, Grant Co-Chair
Allen Weiner, Grant Co-Chair
Bandhu Dunham
Linda Cohen
Anne Falvey

Grants Committee

Dr. Jerry Epstein, Co-Chair
Allan Weiner, Co-Chair
Felice Appell
Bandhu Dunham, Advisor to the Committee
Tom Philabaum, Advisor to the Committee

Website Committee

Pat Isaacson, Chair

Susan Rollins

Hosting Committee

Dan Tenn, Chair
Rachel Blank
Jo and Denny Burech
Patricia Campbell
Carolyn and Jerome Epstein
Judy and Stu Heller
Beth and Sandy Hoffman
Pat Isaacson and Lee Brownson
Kay Martens and Phil Cram
Esta and Bob Mitchell
Linda and Sherman Saperstein
Lynn and Larry Schmelzer
Sharon & Fred Schomer
Vicki and Jerry Stewart
Gail and Dan Tenn

Program Committee

Sharon & Fred Schomer, Chair

Dan Tenn, Co-Chair

Hospitality Committee

Anne Falvey, Chair
Linda Cohen
Kathy Duley
Carolyne Epstein
Esta Mitchell
Penny Post
Linda Saperstein
Sharon Schomer
Gail Tenn

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